Voki adds blog

Voki, the free avatar-creation site, has started a blog for educators using Voki.
See it at http://blog.voki.com/


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Join Me

Join Me is a new free online conference tool: https://join.me/

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Economics course uses Seinfeld clips

Short video clips from Seinfeld are used on this unique web site to illustrate various principles of economics: http://yadayadayadaecon.com/

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Wonder what generation you are in?

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Digital in more ways than one

Sometime in the future, your hand may become a touchpad: http://www.gizmag.com/skinput-body-touchscreen-keypad/14408/

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Voki animated avatar recording

As an experiment, I created an avatar and recorded an audio message using voki.com, a free avatar creation site. I plan to use this message in the first week of my Social Science 101 online course.

Unfortunately, Voki limits recorded messages to 60 seconds each and does not provide for uploading of a photo, although it allows for uploading of the short audio recordings. A better, much more complete personal avatar service is provided by sitepal.com, but it charges about $10 a month or more.

Here is the link to my Social Science 101 introduction:


Here is the link to by Humanities 186 introduction: http://tinyurl.com/4exv2k9

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New way of conducting a video chat

It is now possible to conduct a cool video chat usingĀ  the Xbox 360’s Video Kinect system and Microsoft Messenger.

Dick Eastman, a tech-savvy professional genealogist, writes in his latest newsletter:

“Inside the Kinect is a 640-by-480-pixel video camera, four microphones, and several infrared sensors. Notice the words ‘video camera.’ This thing will work as a high-quality webcam. Keep in mind that it does not require a Windows or Macintosh computer. Instead, the Xbox 360 connects to standard television sets, even that new 53-inch plasma set that may be in your living room. The Xbox 360 also connects to the Internet, either through a wired connection or a wireless wi-fi connection. All you need is a bit of software. Of course, Microsoft supplies the needed software as well. In fact, the required software is included at no additional charge.”

See the demonstration video here:

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