New way of conducting a video chat

It is now possible to conduct a cool video chat using  the Xbox 360’s Video Kinect system and Microsoft Messenger.

Dick Eastman, a tech-savvy professional genealogist, writes in his latest newsletter:

“Inside the Kinect is a 640-by-480-pixel video camera, four microphones, and several infrared sensors. Notice the words ‘video camera.’ This thing will work as a high-quality webcam. Keep in mind that it does not require a Windows or Macintosh computer. Instead, the Xbox 360 connects to standard television sets, even that new 53-inch plasma set that may be in your living room. The Xbox 360 also connects to the Internet, either through a wired connection or a wireless wi-fi connection. All you need is a bit of software. Of course, Microsoft supplies the needed software as well. In fact, the required software is included at no additional charge.”

See the demonstration video here:

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