Gatekeeping in Mass Media video

Welcome to my living room, where I managed to record a video of myself talking briefly about the mass media’s gatekeeping function. Since I had never done this before, it took several tries before I got one that I considered adequate.

First I needed to jury-rig a tripod substitute, because our tripod had been broken years ago and we had thrown it out and not replaced it. I used a dining room chair, two empty cardboard boxes, a book and a coaster to get just the right height for the camera.

Initially I tried an old Sony Handycam Camcorder, which uses mini-video cassettes, a memory stick and a USB cable, but found that it was not compatible with my computer. I had greater success with a newer digital camera, the Canon PowerShot A630, to shoot the video.

I was able to slightly edit the video within the camera before using the memory stick to copy it to my computer. I just edited out the beginning and ending of the video to remove the images of me turning the camera on and off. No other editing was done, because I have no experience with video editing software.

In the video I discussed how I experienced the gatekeeping function as an editorial employee of the Chicago Tribune. I should be able to use this in three different courses, Social Science 101WW for the City Colleges of Chicago’s Center for Distance Learning; and Soc/100: Introduction to Sociology, and Hum/186: Media Influences on American Culture for the University of Phoenix.

The video can be seen at:

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