Comment on creating this blog

It was an incredibly easy, quick process to open a blog account. First, I decided not to use edublogs, because, if I continue to use this account, I might not use it for educational reasons. Blogger wanted me to use my existing google mail account, which I did not want to link to this project. So, I settled on wordpress.

The only frustration I experienced was the fact that someone already had wordpress accounts in the names martinfischer and mefischer, my first two preferences, so I had to settle for my third choice, martyfischer.

I didn’t like the initial appearance of my blog page, so I experimented a bit with the appearance options and found a conservative, clean template to use.

On the privacy question, since this is probably going to be a limited-use blog, I selected the option that prevents the site from being included in search engines.

My initial post was just a quick cut-and-paste from a Word document that I had started early in the course for the purpose of keeping track of all of the great links we are learning about in this course.

The whole process took less than ten minutes.

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