Tech class links worth using, at, is the social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and Social Media in education.

Ning, at, is online service to create, customize, and share a social network.

Thousands of educators use LearnCentral, at , and Elluminate, at, to:
• Find each other
• Learn from each other
• Collaborate, share best practice and
• Find and share learning resources

Free technology for teachers web site is at It is somewhat obsolete, though, because it explains Pownce, which was shut down in December 2008.

Social networking:
has a huge list of social networking sites.

An online vocabulary game can be found at . I have been thinking about how I might be able to use Twitter to remind students of deadlines and assignments. My U. of Phoenix syllabi are very detailed and rather long, so I think some students don’t follow them as closely as they should. The same goes for some of the announcements I post on the BlackBoard site of my City Colleges of Chicago online classes.

Maybe the short format of tweets would be more effective for some purposes, i.e., reminders of where to find assignment instructions, alerts about impending deadlines, noting the fact that some students only turned in the first part of a two-part grammar exercise, etc.

There’s more about Twitter at at

The UT Dallas Twitter experiment is explained in this video at
A UT Dallas Twitter experiment article is at has way of Tweeting longer than 140 characters. has 10 free online tech tools.

Washington Post article on Twitter:

Digital journalism students’ reactions to Twitter:


Screencast, at, and Jing, at , allow for recording and playing back your computer screen’s display.

Flip video camera is an easy-to-use camcorder. See

An image manipulation program is available from Gimp at

Ways to use Facebook in education are explained at

Using technology in teaching is detailed at

Wikipedia founder discourages using the online encyclopedia for college papers in an article at

Good article explains blogs:

12 videos for educators: has 10 free online tech tools.

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